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Black Dobermann Puppy

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I live in an apartment, does that mean a Doberman is not for me?

A: No this does not mean a Doberman is not for you, but it does mean much more of a commitment on your part to insure the dog gets the exercise he will need to be healthy and happy.

Q: Will Dobermans turn on their owners?

A: No. Based on the experience of  many breeders, including those breeders who  have been doing this business for as long as 30 plus years,  reported not one of them had ever been bitten by one of their dogs.

Q: Where did Doberman breed originate?

The Doberman Pinscher breed was developed in Germany by Friedrick Louis Dobermann in the early 1890′s. ‘Pinscher’ was added to the name which translates to ‘Terrier’ in German.

The Doberman was created from several breeds including the Rottweiler, Thueringian Shepherd, German Pinscher, and Great Dane. After Friedrick Louis Dobermann’s death other breeders carried on the development of the breed and over time it has been refined.

Q: Are there really a white Dobermann?

Dobermanns are available in Black/Tan/Rust, Red/Tan/Rust and Blue/Tan/Rust, Fawn/Tan/Rust, and White(Albino) all are registrable with the Canadian Kennel Club. All can be shown in confirmation except for the white Dobermann. More than 1 sq inch of white is a disqualification , however white Dobermanns can achieve Obedience and all other working titles.

With all albinos such as, white lions, white tigers at the Toronto zoo they all are product of inter-breeding.

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